Finding the Best Grand Canyon Tour Type – Tips and Savings

One of the best adventures to add to your Las Vegas vacation is a day trip to the Grand Canyon. It is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas and deciding which type of Grand Canyon tour you wish to take can be a big decision. Choices of bus tours, Grand Canyon helicopter tours, plane tours, or even a rafting tour through the middle of the Grand Canyon are just some of the awesome adventures you can take advantage of while still staying in your vacation budget.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Grand Canyon bus tours are the cheapest option but plan on spending an entire day when you factor in the travel time. It is a relaxing ride and you will travel by luxury motorcoach over the Hoover Dam and through some historic towns and sightseeing points on your way Grand Canyon. These luxury Grand Canyon buses are Air-conditioned with multilingual headset narration, restrooms, television screens, and plush seating

Grand Canyon Travel Times by Bus:

Grand Canyon Travel Times By Bus

Time from Las Vegas Strip
Grand Canyon South Rim5-6 hours
Grand Canyon West Rim2-3 hours
Death Valley2.5 hours
Hoover Dam45 minutes

When to take a bus tour:

  • If you don’t have time constraints, plan on spending an entire day.
  • If you are on a budget these tours start from around $75
  • If you want to have time walking around the Canyon on our own.

The Best Grand Canyon Bus Tours:

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour
Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour
Enjoy sights of exotic nature as you travel through the Mojave Desert and along the Colorado River to your destination: the Grand Canyon National Park.

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Grand Canyon bus tours range in price from $89-$400, depending on whether the tour includes a helicopter flight or other special features.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon Helicopter tours are the most popular and in my opinion the best Grand Canyon Tours. These tours are available to travel to the  South, West, and North Rims of the Grand Canyon. There are numerous options when choosing a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour including whether you want to fly in and land on the Grand Canyon floor for a private champagne picnic. Transportation is usually included in these tours which will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

When to take a helicopter tour:
  • If you want to see the Grand Canyon from above up close and personal.
  • If you want to land on the floor of the grand canyon.
  • If you want to have more time during the day to do other things.

How much do Grand Canyon helicopter tours cost?

Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon range in price from $254-$617.

Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
The Golden Eagle Air Tour is perfect for Las Vegas guests who are pressed for time but would still like to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible. Includes aerial views of both Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before reaching the spectacular West Rim of the Grand Canyon.
$209 $349

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

Taking a Grand Canyon Airplane tour offers you the choice of flying to the Grand Canyon to explore on foot or Flying over the Grand Canyon to get a birds eye view of it’s beauty. The planes that fly over the Grand Canyon are specially designed with large windows to give you an unobstructed view to take plenty of photos and enjoy the scenery.

Grand Canyon Airplane tours are available to:

  • Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Grand Canyon North Rim
  • Grand Canyon West Rim

Who should take an airplane tour:

If you want more time at the Grand Canyon Rim you will arrive faster than bus or car and have more time to explore

  • If you’re looking for a tour that is more economical than a helicopter tour

How much do airplane tours of the Grand Canyon cost?

Airplane tours of the Grand Canyon range in price from $142-$459.

The Best Grand Canyon Airplane Tour

Best Grand Canyon Airplane Tour Deal
Best Grand Canyon Airplane Tour Deal
The Highlights Air Tour takes guests on a 70-minute airplane tour from Las Vegas and shows them the unique beauty and contours of the western rim of Grand Canyon.
$114 $219

Grand Canyon Raft Tours

If you are looking for a little more adventure then you can always book a Grand Canyon Raft Tour. These tours depart Las Vegas by van and drop you off at the Colorado River where you take a 40-mile whitewater adventure consisting of several class 4 to 7 rapids.

Who should  take a Grand Canyon Raft tour:

  • If you want to experience the roaring waters of the Colorado River while an experienced guide maneuvers through possible 4 to 7 rapids
    Grand Canyon of the Salmon River Rafting Vacation

    Grand Canyon of the Salmon River Rafting Vacation

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