Grand Canyon West Rim Vs South Rim

When choosing a Grand Canyon tour one of the most important decisions and most asked question is should I visit the West Rim or the South Rim? The answer to this question depends on many factors including how much time you have to spend, what you wish to see, and how you plan on arriving at the Grand Canyon.

Since most people visit the Grand Canyon when vacationing in Las Vegas we are going to discuss the above elements related to visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

Due to the remote location of the Grand Canyon, plan on spending most of your day visiting both the Grand Canyon West Rim and Grand Canyon South Rim no matter which tour you choose. There are so many different beautiful views of the Grand Canyon you would be shorting yourself if you plan on rushing your trip. A complete Grand Canyon tour time including driving from Las Vegas to the west rim will usually last about 10 hours while a tour to the south rim will usually consist of an 18-hour day including drive time. Choosing a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour or airplane tour is usually a much wiser choice as you can leave from Las Vegas and actually make your Grand Canyon trip a half-day trip.

The Grand Canyon south rim trips are more of your classic Grand Canyon views that you view in photographs and are absolutely surreal. The Grand Canyon west rim is more of a narrow view that includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a view from a glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon.

At the Grand Canyon West Rim, you can arrive by Helicopter or vehicle. Helicopter tours will actually land at the west rim so you can walk the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Other options available when at the west rim are boat and raft rides down the Colorado River and horseback rides. South Rim tours can also arrive by Helicopter and vehicle. Being a wider and more open area you can choose to take jeep tours, backpack, raft, backpack, and even camp overnight. The Grand Canyon Railway train tours are located at the south rim.

The south rim is the less visited location so if you want to do something that most people do not then avoid the west rim. The west rim is visited almost 20 to 1 compared to the south rim.

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